Repurpose Computer

Monday, June 28, 2021

Repurpose Computer

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Re-Purposing Computers

June 28, 2021


I’ve recently learned about the good work “Bethel Computers for Education” (BCFE) is doing, and wanted to share their mission with you. For the past 25 years BCFE has been providing computers for underfunded schools in the USA and for some of the poorest schools around the world. They need used laptop computers. They can be of any age and do not need to have an operating system on them. Every laptop will be WIPED CLEAN and have all new software installed.

In addition, BCFE has expanded to the medical field when they learned of the need for medical resource materials in remote clinics in Haiti and other countries. As a result, they have created two separate servers, one for schools and one for clinics. The Haitian community in Indian River County has helped translate into Creole nine community health films from Medical Aid Films.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Donate any used laptops. Many of these will be used at the Gifford Youth Achievement Center here in Gifford. The youth will learn how to wipe the laptops clean and install new software. Those laptops that cannot be re-purposed will be used as learning tools. The kids will be shown how to take them apart and see what makes them work.
  2. Donate any printed medical materials/brochures - info on pre-natal care and healthy eating habits, for example (even better, if they were in Spanish, Creole or French). These materials are meant for patients and nurses to use in health clinics in poor area of the world like Haiti.
    Donations can be left at the We Care Clinic at 4675 28th Ct. in Gifford. Or contact me and I’ll pick them up.

Peace and Good Health,

Charles “Robi” Robinson, Ed.D. 772-460-0925

For We Care & the Indian River County Medical Society