We Care Program and We Care Foundation

Dear Friends of We Care:

We thought that the best way for you to know about what We Care does is to hear from our patients. Recent patient testimonials follow. Contact either one of us if we can be of service.

Peace and good health,

Charles (Robi) Robinson, Executive Director

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We Care Foundation of Indian River

The We Care Foundation of Indian River is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds to help meet non-physician ancillary medical or medically related needs for qualified patients such as after-care wound dressing, cataract lenses, emergency prescription assistance, and transportation for medical appointments. Your donations to the We Care Foundation also supports the We Care Clinic located in the Gifford Health Center in Vero Beach.

We Care Program
Volunteers – How the We Care Program works:

Founded in 1991 as a cooperative venture between the Indian River County Medical Society, the IRC Health Department, and the IRC Hospital District, the We Care program coordinates free physician services for uninsured indigent patients in Indian River County. More than 130 volunteer physicians and other medical professionals donate care to as many as 3,000 qualified Indian River County residents each year. These donated services are valued at over $1 million annually.

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We Care Clinic Established 2015:

First of its kind in Indian River County, the We Care Clinic is located in a wing of the Gifford Health Center at 4675 28th Court in Vero Beach. Funding for clinic construction and supplies is provided by an Impact 100 grant. Proceeds from the Foundation’s annual Mardi Gras Celebration and private donations fund clinic supplies and program activities.

Administrative services for the Clinic is provided by the IRC Health Department and medical staff salaries, including a full-time primary care physician and two patient services/volunteer physician coordinators, are currently funded by the IRC Hospital District.

These important collaborative efforts combined with a new clinic and program enhancements will effectively double We Care’s patient capacity affording a “smooth transition” for indigent patients discharged from the hospital and emergency department. This improves care, prevents medical conditions from becoming acute, decreases hospital and emergency room admissions and re-admissions and saves taxpayer dollars.


Patients must reside in Indian River County, be uninsured and meet specific financial eligibility requirements (200% or less of the Federal Poverty Level).

We Care participants are typically between the ages of 18 and 65.

For more information on the We Care Program or to DONATE visit WeCareofIRC.org or call (772) 562-0123.

WE CARE Program
Celebrating 30 Years of Caring Together
November 20, 2020

Dear Friends of the WE CARE Program:

In the past thirty years the WE CARE Program of Indian River has provided free medical services valued at more than $17,000,000 to people in need in our community! This amazing accomplishment would not have been possible without our dedicated volunteer specialty doctors and the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

As you know our only fund raiser as been the Mardi Gras Gala which last year raised over $150,000, and for 2021 has to be postponed to Mardi Gras 2022. In order for us to continue to provide free medical supplies to augment volunteer physician services for qualified uninsured patients in our county, and to operate the We Care Clinic, we need your help to raise the funds that we normally would have received from the Mardi Gras. Please go to www.WeCareofIRC.org and click DONATE if you are able to help.

So, why does an organization of volunteer doctors need funding? The answer is that WE CARE also offers assistance with prescription medications, medical equipment, transportation for medical appointments, cataract implant lens and other medical needs requested by a WE CARE physician. For example, a homeless forty-year old man was referred to us because he was in pain and needed a hernia operation. Our surgeon would not do the surgery unless he knew that the patient had a safe post-operative place to recuperate – not living in the woods! WE CARE paid for his transportation to the surgery and to all follow-up appointments, paid for his meds, and paid for a motel room for thirty days so he could heal properly. This is just one example of the ways that WE CARE has provided the extra mile for our neighbor. To view video testimonials by some of our patients, go to www.WECAREofIRC.org.


Charles (Robi) Robinson, Ed.D.

Executive Director 772-562-0123 WeCareofRC@Att.net

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