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Tax Rebate for ADA Compliance

Steven Schwartz, PD/GO PresidentLet The IRS Pay For Half Of Your Website Upgrade
By: Steve Schwartz, PD/GO Digital Marketing

Over the last few months, I have been sharing with you about the importance of having your website be ADA compliant, so that blind users can successfully utilize their screen reader programs to navigate your website. It is the right thing to do as there are over 25 million American adults that are blind or have significant vision issues.

I've mentioned that there are blind people with their attorneys that are actively testing business websites to see if they are ADA compliant, and if not, they are rubber-stamping lawsuits to the business owner resulting in huge expenses in legal fees and settlements as well as many hours of wasted time. Here's an article about this: Sun Sentinel of South FL

I wanted to share some new and exciting news: Within the United States IRS Tax Code, there is 'Section 44' that basically states if your business revenue was $1 million or less last year, or your company has 30 or fewer full-time employees last year, you can then spend $10,250 per year on making your business more ADA compliant on pretty much anything, except new construction, and then you can submit some paperwork when you do your income taxes so that one half of the amount of the expenditure would be given back to you as a tax rebate!  Details here:  Title 26, Internal Revenue Code

Here's an example: For easy math, let's say a business hires PD/GO Digital Marketing to redesign their website to make it ADA compliant; for this example, the total price tag is $4250. The business pays this amount to PD/GO, and when tax time rolls around, your CPA completes and submits this form.

The first $250 doesn't apply, therefore $2000 should be refunded to your business. Does that make sense?

I think of it as half price website fees! What a great deal for our clients!

Please know that I am not a CPA nor an attorney, so you must check with your professional advisers to verify that your business qualifies for this rebate.

To test if your website is ADA compliant, click this link and follow the directions in this Web Accessibility Checker.

To discuss your project, please call me personally at the PD/GO Office at 888.354.4946, extension 1.


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