We Care Volunteer Physician Program & IRCMS Foundation work together to improve health and access to care for Indian River County patients
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7th  Annual We Care Awards for services in 2013
February 4, 2014
The We Care Award was developed in 2008 to honor and thank volunteers to the program. The We Care program is a joint effort of Indian River County Medical Society, Indian River County Health Department and the Indian River County Hospital District. The criteria for award recipients include:

  • Provide service to the We Care program during the award year
        in a distinguished fashion above and beyond what was expected;
  • Provide a new or special level of service at a time of great need or;
  • Consistently provided service over a long period of time.
Recipients of the
7th Annual We Care Awards

Leslie Huszar, M.D.
Gemma Mendoza, M.D.
Michele Ofner, M.D.
S. James Shafer, M.D.
Stacy Pauley Smith, P.A.

In Appreciation for Extraordinary Service
to the
We Care Program in 2013
Left to right:  S. James Shafer, M.D., Stacy Pauley Smith, P.A., Gemma Mendoza, M.D.,
and Leslie Huszar, M.D.
Indian River County Medical Society’s We Care Program is based on the volunteer
efforts of many of the county’s physicians, both retired and active. We Care was
created as a cooperative venture between the IRCMS and the Indian River County
Health Department to help provide free medical treatment to residents in
Indian River County who are otherwise financially unable to afford specialty health

The Indian River County Tax District Board of Trustees has supported the program by funding the salary of the We Care Coordinator, who is a Health Department employee and has administrative support from the Health Department.

The IRCMS Foundation
The Indian River County Medical Society Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is a vehicle for charitable giving to provide essential services and materials for “We Care” patients outside the scope of those donated by local physicians. 

Although $1 million + vital services are provided by our dedicated Volunteer Physicians and other health care professionals each year, there remain medical needs beyond physician services for which funding has been non-existent.  The Indian River County Medical Society Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was formed and in 2013, began raising funds to help meet these needs.  With your support through the IRCMS Foundation, more non-physician services can be provided and the “We Care” Mission will be advanced.

“We Care” is already helping many people in need in Indian River County.  With your support through the IRCMS Foundation, more non-physician services can be provided, and the “We Care” mission advanced.  Some examples of what your donation may help purchase include:
-Cataract Lenses
-Wound Care
-Orthopedic Supplies
-Pressure Stockings
-Short-term Prescription Assistance.
Your contributions help provide necessary services and supplies beyond physician care such as transportation, short-term prescription assistance and cataract lenses.  We are currently raising funds to open a new “We Care” Clinic at Gifford Health Center to improve continuity in care.  Construction is expected to begin in 2015.

Go to our Foundation page for information on upcoming fundraising events, sponsorships, donations an other giving opportunities.  Or, to donate now, click on the donate button:

Qualifying for "We Care" Services
Since its inception in 1991, We Care has steadily grown and now has the support and participation of over 120 physicians. In 2012, We Care volunteers provided over $1,000,000 worth of donated medical services.

Only county residents who meet specific financial eligibility requirements (less than 150% of federal poverty income guidelines) are able to participate in this program. Patients may self-refer, or be referred by private physicians or Indian River Memorial Hospital.

We Care patients first have a primary care evaluation and are then evaluated for subspecialty referral needs. Medication assistance is obtained via the Indigent Drug Programs from pharmaceutical manufacturers, with the laborious paperwork being done in the We Care office.

All services are organized by the We Care Coordinator office. Volunteer physicians sign a contract to become an “agent of the State of Florida,” which provides state “sovereign immunity” liability protection for We Care medical services wherever the location.

For more information call 772-526-0123 or e-mail: IRCMSFoundation@bellsouth.net